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Let us Reflect on His Word

(Jeremiah 23:1-6; Psalm 22(23); Ephesians 2:13-18; Mark 6:30-34)


Theme: Rely on Him in Silent Adoration

            The Lord Himself took pity on us, gave us hope in Christ Jesus, and allowed us to become and be called heirs of the kingdom of God. He planted us in His Church for our sanctification and meeting with the Father of our Lord Jesus.

            Thus, through her faith actions, the Church prepares, guides, schools and shapes us in the name of our Lord Jesus, our King and Good Shepherd, for that banquet with the Father.  Today’s Psalmist says, “You have prepared a banquet for me…. My head you have anointed with oil, and my cup is overflowing.”

            Having responded to the Lord’s summons and been sacramentally anointed, we possess the Lord’s power to become virtuous, political and religious shepherds of mercy and peace and men and women of integrity and justice.  However, the enemies of faith can distract us and make us unproductive, poor, fearful, selfish, unhappy, and resentful.  If there is no barrier between us and the Good Shepherd, we can turn the tide of that spiritual and physical battle of life. 

Thus, we must return to the Good Shepherd, our Lord and King, in silent adoration. In these moments of silent adoration, we can figure out how to overcome those stumbling blocks and barriers.  Yes, in silent adoration with our Lord Jesus, the Lord Himself will teach us how to overcome our failures and weaknesses, break those barriers to success, reignite our passion for truth, justice and fairness in our communities, and strengthen us and our work for the voiceless poor and needy, those who feel lost and dismayed in our homes, streets, and offices. 

And so, in the face of humiliation, we must return to the Lord.  Today’s Psalmist reminds us that He will guide us along the right path, walk with us in those valleys of pain, and comfort us on our journeys. His promise is a source of reassurance and comfort, especially in the sight of the selfish, who threaten our faith, development, success, and happiness. But we are not afraid, for the Lord promises to revive our drooping spirit and to make us fruitful again. 

Thus, let us follow His guidance to discover the power and mission tied to our existence, identity, and purpose in life. As members of His mystical body, we must not be afraid to follow the Lord’s guidance because He Himself will bestow His mercy on us in reconciliation, renew us when in communion with Him, and raise us when we become open to His Spirit.        

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