Covid-19: We are gradually stepping out of lockdown. The best way to contact for more information is to use the link or call the parish office.  

A Parish For All

For more information contact Gerry McGinley or click the link below

Altar Servers

For more information  contact Paul Calvadino or click the link below

Teen Prayer Group
Youth Ministry Team

Pope Francis has initiated a move to look at how the Catholic Church can better support young people. He has asked that the voices of young people be heard,and we wish to encourage this within our parish community. Youth Masses are held monthly.


Catholic Youth Ministry Federation - Information about Flame

Marriage Preparation

For more information please see the Parish Priest 

Image by Sandy Millar
Church Choir

The Folk Group sings and plays on the second and fourth Sunday of the month. Practices are every Thursday 7.30 - 8.30pm at church during term time. There is also more traditional singing accompanied by the organ. New members are very welcome. For more information contact  Paula Scatchard or click the link below

Home Group

Charismatic Group of the parish. For more information or to join, click the link below

Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist

For more information on joining click below 

Chuch Choir
Bible Study

The Bible Study group seeks to learn more about Scriptures through a short guided study followed by lively and questioning discussion. For more information contact

Paula Scatchard or Estella Begley, or click the link below

Prayer Group

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                  please note

Based on the new Guidelines , we will continue to take accurate record of those who attend Mass or any other service in the church. (This is in line with the ‘Test & Track’ initiative). Please complete the forms and bring these to church to gain entrance. Stewards will collect these forms from you before entry into the church. 



Volunteers for the roles of steward, catechist, and linen-care are needed; please contact the parish office.  We will continue with stewarding and managing of the guidelines for social distancing, hand sanitization, and full cleaning of used spaces after each Mass.

Please see Yumna if you would like to be a steward during this period of great need. 

For more information contact Yumna via email: