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14th Sunday in ordinary time-Cast Those Burdens Onto Him

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Blessing Gods name surely, must be our task today and forever. The favours of the kingdom of God have been revealed by Jesus. Those that don’t listen miss out on the favours of out Lord. 

Our perceptions are conditioned by the world around us, we see life as we are, unwilling to change. Let us acknowledge who we are, let us act in humility and ponder on Christ’s message.  Through contentment we will find salvation. 

Let us rejoice through Christ’s offer of humanity. Jesus invites us to place our burdens before him.  If the future tasks ahead bothers you, then ask him, if you are sick or need consoling then the Lord will answer. Do not perish through lack of knowledge. 

Jesus told us to seek first the Kingdom if God. Cast your burdens before him and the King will answer you now and always.

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