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Saint of September- St Lorenzo Ruiz

Saint Lorenzo Ruiz is the patron saint of the Philippines. Born in Manila, he was martyred in Japan during the persecution of Christians in the 17th century. After being falsely accused of killing a man, Saint Lorenzo sought asylum on board a ship with four priests and another layman. They sailed for Japan, where they were imprisoned and subsequently tortured by being hung upside down over a pit. Refusing to renounce his faith, Saint Lorenzo died two days later.

His last words were: “I am a Catholic and I do wholeheartedly accept death for God. Had I a thousand lives, all these to Him would I offer.” Saint Lorenzo was canonised by Pope John Paul II in 1987, making him the first Filipino saint! The feast of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and his companions is celebrated on 28th September.

Written by Paul Cavadino

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